Will Black Triangles Go Away

Will Black Triangles Go Away?

Black triangles are produced when, due to periodontal pathology, the space, width, or clearance formed by the gum between the teeth disappears, that is, that space between one tooth and another that also includes the gums, disappears, giving rise to spaces between the teeth that look like small black triangles. When there are black triangles, these spaces covered by the gums are lost. Generally, they appear after the oral disease has been treated, after the bacteria disappear and the tissue has reduced inflammation. In this case, to recover the aesthetics between the teeth, three dental specialties are key, periodontics, orthodontics and dental aesthetics, which are required to recover dental health.

How to eliminate black triangles between teeth?

It is important to know that generally, black triangles will not disappear on their own. Thus, your dentist will need to be involved.

Steps to remove black triangles:
Step 1. First of all, it is necessary to resort to periodontics-or gum treatments, this specialty is responsible for recovering the health of the adjacent tissues of the teeth, to stop periodontal discomfort.
Step 2. It is recommended to carry out a smile study, to do this, you must have: a clinical and photographic examination of your smile.
Step 3. Then you can use braces, crowns, veneers, or bonding for your teeth, they can be porcelain or composite, through them you can cover the unsightly spaces caused by periodontal pathology.
With veneers, the time for the correction of black triangles is extended, however, they have different effects, since not only the visible space is hidden, but the color of the teeth can be changed in a uniform way, maintaining it for longer. time and beautifies the smile, which is what is ultimately sought.

From here, it follows that you have two options to eliminate black triangles: orthodontics and dental aesthetics. The first through braces, and the second through treatments such as veneers. It will depend on you which one to choose, however, both are good alternatives.
Treatments to eliminate black triangles between teeth: how to eliminate black triangles between teeth?

It is important to first go to periodontics, where they diagnose and treat periodontal diseases, which are caused by inflammation of the gums caused by infections. There are two types of periodontal diseases: gingivitis and periodontitis. The first affects only the gum and can be restored; generally, this gum disease begins with a hemorrhage. If you do not go to a specialist, and the bleeding does not stop, what will happen is that the pathology will worsen and turn into periodontitis. In this second disease, the destruction of the gums is generated, so the teeth do not have support and the space between them disappears. It can happen that patients feel their teeth are looser, leading to the loss of teeth.

There are different factors that can trigger periodontal pathologies, including: stress, alcohol and tobacco consumption, neglect of oral cleaning or poor dental hygiene habits, overweight, diseases such as diabetes, overweight, bacteria, or deformed teeth. These pathologies can be prevented as long as adequate oral hygiene is maintained, to take care of the bacteria and dental plaque present on the teeth.

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