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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry Alexandria VA

Pediatric Dentistry

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Pediatric dentistry, commonly referred to as children’s dentistry, is the specialized branch of dentistry that focuses entirely on the oral health of children. This most often includes children from the ages of 1 to 11 years old.

Even though it seems early, it is important to have your child be seen at INSPIRE DENTAL OF ALEXANDRIA around their first birthday. It is extremely important for us to have a look at their teeth, gums, soft tissue, and the development of their teeth.

The entire team at INSPIRE DENTAL OF ALEXANDRIA shares an office goal. With over three decades of experience, we pride ourselves in being old school when it comes to respecting you and your family and giving you the treatment that we would wish to receive ourselves. Every single patient receives the quality care they deserve. This is the way to earn your trust and satisfaction. Our team is focused on our collaborative efforts to promote oral health by practicing prevention, wellness, enhancement, and renewing rejuvenation. Visit us at 4660 Kenmore Ave., #320, Alexandria, VA 22304 or give us a call today at 703-751-7600 to schedule your appointment regarding pediatric dentistry for your child or children.

Your child’s health becomes an important part of your life. You want your child to be healthy and happy. You also want to make sure that they are comfortable with their smile, and to experience as little discomfort as possible. You also want to make sure that they get the best dental care possible. You should consider contacting INSPIRE DENTAL OF ALEXANDRIA whose compassionate team are experts with children and pediatric dentistry.

Examinations, Checkups and Cleanings

Just like an adult, children should visit us for regular pediatric dentistry services, such as preventative exams and thorough cleanings. These visits should be consistent every six months. These children’s exams will help your child avoids cavities, tooth decay and gum disease. Just like with all adults, we will remove the damaging plaque from your child’s teeth. We will also give your child a full oral exam, to make sure their teeth are coming in correctly. As your child gets older, we will make sure that their adult teeth are coming in correctly as well.

These oral exams are a crucial part of pediatric dentistry, so it is important to make sure that they do not miss any regular cleanings. What started as a small cavity could end up requiring more intense repairs, which is an aspect of children’s dentistry that can easily be avoided.

Repairing a Child’s Cavity

While you believe you are diligent about your child’s at-home oral hygiene, cavities are still quite common with children. Your child’s baby teeth are not as strong as adult teeth, so they are more susceptible to cavities. As with adults, cavities require fillings. These filling can be made from silver, amalgam, or composite fillings, no matter their age.


Even with the best of diligence to maintain your oral health things don’t go as planned. Once in a while, and you might find that your teeth need to be restored or replaced. Missing, cracked, damaged, or even decayed teeth will dull your smile. Did you know it can also affect your oral health? At Inspire Dental of Alexandria we offer restorative dentistry to ensure that your teeth and oral health are back to their former state.


It is important to feel confident in your smile, because being confident in your smile means being confident in yourself. Despite this, many people walk around every day, resigned to the fact that their smile is what it is and there is really nothing they can do to change it. But what if that was not the case? What if improving the aesthetic appearance and/or functionality of your smile was easier than you thought?


Almost 50 million Americans experience tooth-loss every year. Dental bridges have traditionally been the best option if you are in this situation. However, there have been continual technological advancements regarding different types of dental implants. Dental implants are becoming both a common and popular procedure to restore a missing tooth or teeth.

Some Tips for Avoiding Tooth Decay with Your Child

As a parent who cares, you can take some early steps to help protect your child against tooth decay. Untreated cavities will eventually lead to infection and discomfort for your child.

  • Your baby's teeth should be rinsed with water or wiped with a damp cloth after feeding before they fall asleep. Milk or formula left in their mouth will promote decay even in the youngest of babies.
  • Try to wean your child off breastfeeding or bottled milk by the age of one year. This will help to avoid decay and minimize the chance of jaw growth problems from excessive sucking.
  • Begin brushing their teeth when the first tooth appears. Even the smallest tooth showing can develop a cavity. Start by brushing their teeth with a soft bristled brush and water and ask us when you can introduce a small amount of toothpaste.
  • When your child is old enough to begin brushing on their own, continue to observe their brushing and help them by going back to brush any areas they may have missed.
  • Do not give bottles of sugary drinks or milk before bedtime.
  • If a sugary beverage is a treat, try to use a straw to allow the teeth to have less contact with the liquid.
  • Try to limit the overall sugary foods your child eats and drinks.

Choosing INSPIRE DENTAL OF ALEXANDRIA for Your Pediatric Dentistry

Choosing a pediatric dentist to care for your child plays a major role of both their health and future impressions of any dental appointments. Consider INSPIRE DENTAL OF ALEXANDRIA when reviewing qualifying suggestions. You want to make sure that you find a dentist that is not only qualified to perform children’s dentistry, but a staff that embraces children as well. You want to make sure the pediatric dentist that you choose is good with children and is friendly. A dental visit is already difficult for children, so it is essential to find a dentist that can ensure the child’s comfort throughout the experience.

One of the advantages of choosing INSPIRE DENTAL OF ALEXANDRIA as your child’s pediatric dentist is the ability to keep the same dentist through their childhood and into their teen and adult years. They can continue to visit someone that they both know and trust.

Once you have scheduled an appointment with us, we will confirm your insurance coverage for your child. If you are new to our practice, you may want to consider an appointment with us for yourself before you make one for your child. This will give you a feel for how our staff works, the quality of our services that we provide and our overall demeanor and the atmosphere. This will build confidence for you when we see your child.

Finding the right children’s dentist is important. INSPIRE DENTAL OF ALEXANDRIA specializes in total family care and will provide high-quality dental services for your child.


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My family has been seeing Dr. White through more than a decade of teeth cleanings, tooth injuries, teeth grinding, cavities, caps, root canal... you name it. The office is 30 minutes away but we wouldn't consider another dentist office. It's not just that Dr. White is a great professional, it's that he and his family run a great office. Scheduling, insurance, hygienists, hours -- everything about interacting with them is first rate.Everybody is knowledgeable, thorough, and kind. They take major insurance, and have even given me advice on which options to select. ...and Dr. White is a big Nats fan, which is a bonus in my book any day.


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At INSPIRE DENTAL OF ALEXANDRIA, our mission statement is quite simple. We approach every patient with attentive, gentle grace and patience. We understand the concept that we each are unique, and we all have our personal therapy plans. No matter the age, we will treat each patient only as we wish to be treated. By integrating cutting-edge technology with solid tradition, we attempt every day to exceed your expectations. Visit us at 4660 Kenmore Ave., #320, Alexandria, VA 22304 or give us a call today at 703-751-7600 to schedule your appointment for you and your child.  High quality, comfortable, relaxing environment, and plenty of smiles is what you will encounter at INSPIRE DENTAL OF ALEXANDRIA.


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