Can Black Triangles be Fixed

Can Black Triangles be Fixed?

Have you noticed that you have small black triangles between some of your teeth? These spaces are what are popularly known as embrasures. In some cases, its origin has to do with the morphology of the teeth. In others, with the presence of active periodontitis, which, among other consequences, involves gum retraction and, therefore, the appearance of these dark triangles. In this article, we explain the causes of embrasures and the treatments we can perform to improve aesthetics and oral health in general.
Causes of the appearance of embrasures

Generally, the space between the teeth is not visible, as it is covered by the gums. However, sometimes these black triangles may appear. Firstly, when the patient has triangular-shaped teeth, so that the pieces have difficulty contacting each other. This situation, in itself, does not have to cause any health problems, but, sometimes, it can cause aesthetic problems.
Secondly, when the patient suffers from gum recession, mainly as a result of periodontal disease. Unlike the first cause, this is a health problem. In this way, it is necessary for the patient to undergo periodontal treatment to stop the progression of this pathology.
How can we treat interdental black triangles?

Faced with this problem, we can opt for various treatments, depending on the condition of the mouth and the needs of each patient. In general, however, we highlight two: gum grafting and/or dental veneers.
In gum grafting, we take tissue from a soft area of ​​the mouth, generally from the patient's palate. With it, we cover the root and interdental spaces of one or more teeth that have been exposed. In this way, we recover the aesthetics of the smile and prevent mobility and even loss of the affected teeth.

Dental veneers, for their part, help us retouch both the shape and size of the teeth. Thus, they can cover the small interdental spaces between them.
Though these are the most common ways of treating black triangles, there are other possibilities, such as:
* You can wear crowns: dental crowns can cover the natural teeth and be shaped to minimize the black triangles. Please remember that crowns require that your dentist filed down and thus alters your natural teeth structure.
* You can try orthodontic treatment: orthodontic treatment can change the alignment of your teeth, if it is mis or malalignment that is causing the triangles.
* You may consider dental bonding: dental bonding is a substance that is brushed on your teeth and then cured using ultraviolet light. Bonding is usually cheaper than veneers but is less permanent and will require more upkeep.
* Try hyaluronic acid treatments: hyaluronic acid is brushed on your gums, in less sever cases, and can help encourage your gums to return to their original position in the case of gum recession causing the black triangles.
* Consider gum graft treatment: gum graft treatment is using healthy tissue to graft onto the receding gums. It is more invasive than other treatments as it is a multi-step surgery.


If you notice swollen, red and bleeding gums during brushing, it is important that you consult your dentist. It is important to see a dentist who is knowledgeable in periodontal treatments and dental aesthetics, so they can help you improve the health of your mouth and the aesthetics of your smile.

Cost to Fix Black Triangles