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Night Guards and Mouth Guards

Night Guards and Mouth Guards Alexandria VA

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Night Guards and Mouth Guards

Night Guards and Mouth Guards Alexandria VA

Night Guards and Mouth Guards

in Alexandria, VA

A night guard or mouth guard is a protective appliance for your mouth that covers the teeth and gums to prevent or reduce injury to the teeth, gums, arches, and lips. An effective mouthguard is like wearing a helmet but for your teeth and even jaws.

Night guards and mouth guards are often recommended for several oral health issues, the most common being if you are suffering from TMJ/TMD or Bruxism. Mouth guards, which are used if you participate in sports or intense physical activity, tend to be more affordable. Night guards are usually created in a dental lab and are custom designed for your unique bite.

The entire team at INSPIRE DENTAL OF ALEXANDRIA shares an office goal. With over three decades of experience, we pride ourselves in being old school when it comes to respecting you and your family and giving you the treatment that we would wish to receive ourselves. Every single patient receives the quality care they deserve. This is the way to earn your trust and satisfaction. Our team is focused on our collaborative efforts to promote oral health by practicing prevention, wellness, enhancement, and renewing rejuvenation. Visit us at 4660 Kenmore Ave., #320, Alexandria, VA 22304 or give us a call today at 703-751-7600 to schedule your appointment to see if you might benefit from a night guard or mouth guard.

Night guards and mouth guards are effective treatments for preventing damage to your teeth, jaw, and overall oral health. If you have consistent symptoms associated with TMJ/TMD or Bruxism such as headaches, chronic jaw pain, and a feeling of restlessness from disrupted sleep then a night guard will be an appropriate solution for you.

More Details on TMJ/TMD

TMJ/TMD refer to oral health ailments that develop in your jaw that are characterized by headaches, teeth grinding or pain in your jaw. If left untreated, these disorders can result in serious damage occurring with your teeth and your jawbone.

TMJ, temporomandibular joint, connects the temporal bones of your skull to your jaw and is responsible for your jaw being able to move both up and down and side to side. When this joint becomes injured or inflamed, symptoms will range from headaches, numbness in your face, pain, ringing in your ears, or a jaw that becomes locked or difficult to open.

TMJ disorders are classified into the following three categories:

  • Myogenous TMJ problems: The most common type of TMD, Myogenous TMJ disorders involve muscle related pain and are related to discomfort in the jaw, temple, neck, or shoulders. These are usually treated successfully with night guards or even BOTOX® treatment.
  • Jaw joint generated pain: When pain is the result of an internal derangement of TMJ, which can be caused by an injury to the condyles, a displaced disc within the TMJ, or a dislocated jaw.
  • Degenerative joint disease: Resulting from other health issues such as rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis.

The specific cause of TMJ/TMD is often unknown, but several potential contributing factors are:

  • Stress
  • Bruxism
  • Injury
  • Arthritis
  • Dislocation of the Cushioning Disc
  • Genetic predisposition

More Facts on Bruxism

Bruxism is an unhealthy condition that is distinguished by the clenching, grinding, or gnashing of your teeth. Bruxism can happen while you are either awake or while sleeping. If you have sleep bruxism you often have related issues such as snoring or sleep apnea.

Common signs of bruxism include the following:

  • Headaches
  • Fractures or Loose Teeth
  • Jaw Pain
  • Worn Teeth
  • Hearing Loss

The Different Types of Night Guards and Mouth Guards

  • A Soft Night Guard- This is a common type of night guard for mild or occasional cases of Bruxism, but not for severe grinders. They are the most comfortable, the most adaptable and easy to get used to and very economical. This guard is not as durable and is not a long-term solution.
  • Dual Laminate Night Guards- This version of night guard for Bruxism is for moderately severe teeth grinders. They are hard on the outside and soft on the inside. They will handle heavy clenching and grinding and are longer lasting. These are also harder to get used to.
  • Hard Night Guards- Hard acrylic night guards for Bruxism are extremely rigid and durable. They are used for very severe cases of grinding, as well as TMJ. These are exceptionally durable, prevent your teeth from shifting, and have the longest life expectancy. They are made from an accurate dental impression at INSPIRE DENTAL OF ALEXANDRIA, are the thickest version and are the most uncomfortable.


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Fitting and Sizing your Night Guard or Mouth Guard

Personalizing the fit of your night guard or mouth guard will depend on the type and quality. Here are the examples of night guards and mouth guards:

  • “One-size-fits-all.” These are over-the-counter mouth guards you buy that will not be custom fitted. These will work if you are a random teeth grinder.
  • “Boil and bite.” With these retail guards you boil it in water and bite into it to leave your own impression. It is simple to do and is a common type used. Good for simple sporting activities.
  • Order online. These are night guards you order online. You need to send in your impression, and they mail back your fitted mouthpiece.
  • Made in lab. The absolute best alternative, you can get your guard right at INSPIRE DENTAL OF ALEXANDRIA. These will offer the most accurate fit because we make them with your impression in our lab.

If you think you may have a Bruxism issue it can easily be treated with a night guard. It is always best to see us at INSPIRE DENTAL OF ALEXANDRIA to see if we can diagnose the root cause first and address that before seeking other treatment. As an example, sleep apnea could be the underlying cause.

Proper Maintenance of your Night Guard or Mouth Guard

It is important to clean your mouth guard or night guard every night. With clean hands, you should rinse the guard and then brush the guard using toothpaste and your soft bristle toothbrush. When clean, place it on a clean surface and let it dry. When dry, store your guard in a proper case.

By following proper care instructions, your guard will last you a long time. Eventually your guard will need to be replaced. Please always bring your guard with you to every dental appointment so we can inspect your guard for any signs of wear and to make sure that it is still fitting properly.


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