Holistic Dentistry

Holistic Dentistry takes a look at the entire body as a way of protecting your health. There is a lot of sense in this, because Dental Health has correlations to mental health, cardiovascular health, and is a sign of good hygiene. Holistic Dentistry often uses natural methods, in conjunction with more mainstream treatments, to treat your Dental health with biocompatible procedures.

How did Holistic Dentistry get started?

Dentistry is an old science. Barbers used to pull peoples teeth, and they used to think the roots of people’s teeth were worms. It was a tough time. As Dentistry evolved, people grew to use more techniques and treatments. Some chemicals and byproducts used in treatment we now consider toxic. Amalgam, which is used in fillings, contains mercury. Mercury is what made the “Mad Hatter” of Alice in Wonderland so crazy. It reeks havoc on the human body and mind.

In 1978 a group of Dentists formed the Holistic Dentists Association (HDA). The group aims to teach Dentists and patients about the potential dangers of different substances in Dentistry. They also support use of biocompatible materials and more natural processes, to limit patients exposure to potentially harmful bacteria.

What risks exist in Modern Dentistry?

Besides Amalgam, other substances present danger to the body. Fluoride is a very common material used in Dentistry, but some are concerned about fluoride as a chemical and the way it interacts with our brain. There is not a ton of evidence on whether or not it has harmful properties, but it is fluoride treatments are less common than in years past. Patients have also had allergic reactions to metals used in filings and implants, and some voice concerns over metals leeching into their gums. There are also some practices, like cleanings, which can force bacteria into the gums and bloodstream if not handled correctly.

Supplies used in Dental offices can also accumulate trace exposures to mercury or other substances over time. There is some concern over cross contact exposures with equipment which is frequently used with these materials.

Your mouth as a representation of your overall health

Your mouth is the doorway to your body. It is ground zero for all microbial and bacteria infections. If you are exposed to something, it likely entered through your mouth or sinus cavity. This is why it is so important to keep it clean and protected. This is also potentially why a healthy mouth is a good indicator of a healthy person. Plaque buildup on your teeth leads, in some way, to plaque buildup in your arteries. The foods you consume with your mouth have impacts on your heart health, your blood and blood sugar, and your brain functions. Holistic Dentists use materials that are biocompatible, and refuse using materials that expose patients to unnecessary risk unless there is no other choice.

Should you consider Holistic Dentistry?

It depends, does it interest you? Do you eat organic food and consider your body a temple? Do you want to support industries that put the human body first? Do you consider all aspects of your health as a unified representation of your overall health? If it interests you, it is worth a shot.

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