What do Dentist do?

When we are headed to our Dentist alexandria va office, it is normal to stop and think “What does the dentist actually do?”. We see them a couple times a year, they usually clean our teeth, tell us to floss, then send us on our way. Why is it so important to see your Dentist regularly and what do they do to help us stay healthy?


Dentists check our teeth, gums, and the overall health of our mouth everytime we see them. The visually inspect the back of our teeth, the color and health of our teeth, and check for cavities, signs of dental decay or infection. Dentists can also compare the health of your teeth to past inspections to gauge the level of decay over time, or the growth of cavities. Your checkup is the first step on your way to great dental health and a good relationship with your dental care professional.


Your dentist has your dental records. If they do not, they may take them. This is often a first step for a new dental client. These xrays will show deep into the tooth and the bed of the gum, allowing your dentist to accurately assess the health of your teeth, and find problems before they become painful. Usually you will have to put on a lead apron for a short while, bite down on some plastic, and hold your mouth open for about 4 minutes. It is a painless process that pays off dividends while caring for your teeth long term.


Everyone loves that fresh clean feeling, dragging your tongue past your ultra polished teeth. When you see your dentist you get a professional cleaning that usually involves fluoride paste. This will prime your teeth for a nice thorough cleaning with a drill and water. Your dentist may also scale away really tough on residue that will no longer be removed by casual brushing. If you haven’t had a cleaning in the past 6 months, go ahead and make an appointment. Teeth have a relation to mental health, and having clean teeth just feels great.

Hygiene and Home care recommendations

Your dentist can tell if you’ve been flossing, it’s true, so it is better to just be honest with them. Your dentist can tell you what aspects of your dental hygiene you’ve been missing. They can also answer questions and teach you to care for your teeth properly. There is no wrong question, use this time to ask a professional what you can do to take care of yourself.

What can a Dentist do for you?

Your Dentist can help give you a whole new lease on your dental health. Taking care of your mouth is part of a holistic process of caring for yourself. Your dentist can help clean your teeth, predict and prevent disease, treat problems and infections, and teach you about your dental health. They are a vital part of the comprehensive care of your body and mind. Take the time to care for yourself, and see a dentist regularly.

What to Expect at the Dental Office?