Invisalign Alternatives

Invisalign Alternatives

The invisible aligner is a great alternative for anyone who wants to undergo orthodontic treatment in a more discreet, quick, and state-of-the-art way. It values ​​the aesthetics of the smile, in addition to bringing more comfort and practicality while the teeth are aligned. It is no wonder that many people already prefer to use this type of device, instead of the traditional metallic ones. That's why the treatment is becoming more and more popular, different types of aligners, have also emerged.

What is the invisible aligner?

The invisible aligner is a type of mobile orthodontic device made of completely transparent thermoplastic material. It fits into the dental arch without hiding the teeth, enhancing the aesthetics of the smile while adjusting the positioning of the teeth. There are different brands of invisible aligner. In terms of structure, they are similar. What differentiates is, mainly, the nationality of the technology and the manufacturing company of each of these aligners. In any case, they are indicated to correct problems such as misalignment and changes in the bite.

How does this treatment differ from fixed braces?

Although the invisible aligner is a type of orthodontic appliance, the treatment performed with it is different from that performed with fixed appliances. The major difference is that the aligner is removable, that is, you can take it out of your mouth to eat and brush your teeth. To carry out treatment with it, the orthodontist orders tests and collects some images of the mouth. This material is worked on in a computer program using 3D technology. Thus, the dentist defines how the teeth must move to stay in the right position. Based on this information, the plan of care is devised, but not just one is made. Since invisible aligners create desired movements in the teeth, several aligners will be made, which will have a small difference from one to the other.

After each period of growth, it is necessary to change the aligners, and you do this yourself. Every 15 days, in general, the old device is set aside, and you will start using the one that comes next – everything indicated by the dentist.

Invisible aligners do not have brackets, rubber bands, arches or bands; therefore, the treatment is much more practical. You don't need to go through a consultation every month, but it's important to have discipline to use the invisible aligner. There is a minimum number of hours a day for the treatment to work.

What are the types of invisible aligners?

The invisible aligner is not a new idea. In fact, it has been around for a few decades, but its technology has improved. Some brands are pioneers and dominated the market for a period. However, for many, the price of the treatment with these brands, such as Invisalign, was out of reach for many people. Because of this, several companies, such as Byte and Smile Direct Club have been established. While companies such as these promise at home convenience and a smaller price tag, it is important that if you are considering these options that you speak with your dentist to understand if their processes are indicated for your particular case and if they are a viable option for you.


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