Impact of Missing Teeth on Health

Impact of Missing Teeth on Health

First of all, it is necessary to make it clear that the human body needs to be in perfect harmony so that it can stay healthy and maintain metabolic processes. If any part of the body is not well, all vital processes will be compromised. The consequences of tooth loss go beyond aesthetic and functional issues, as they also affect the individual's self-esteem and well-being. It is a factor that can result in a series of problems, compromising oral health. Although they are essential for a perfect smile, each tooth has a specific function in the mouth and in daily activities. In this sense, losing teeth also directly influences quality of life. Oral health is fundamental for anyone and deserves daily care and attention to avoid serious complications.

What are the consequences of losing teeth?

Being healthy is a comprehensive concept, which combines physical, social, emotional and environmental factors. In this context, teeth play an important role, as in addition to functional issues, a smile is a business card for anyone.
Therefore, losing one or more teeth causes severe impacts on an individual's health and quality of life. There are several consequences that affect different aspects of life.

Difficulty biting and chewing

Losing one or more teeth leaves an empty space in the mouth and forces neighboring teeth to adapt to the lack of support. As a result, the imbalance causes great difficulty in chewing and properly absorbing nutrients, as the digestive process begins in the mouth.

When an individual loses some teeth, food is not properly crushed during chewing, being swallowed in larger pieces. In addition to contributing to overweight, it causes an overload on the stomach and intestines, causing a feeling of poor digestion.

Tooth displacement

After the loss of one or more teeth, the adjacent teeth, that is, neighbors to the one that was lost, can move into the empty space. The tilt of the teeth causes an imbalance and disorganization of the dental arch, causing pain and serious problems over time.
Bone loss and gum damage
The loss of teeth causes the body to begin the reabsorption process, where the bone ends up becoming weaker. Furthermore, the gum cavity is exposed, increasing sensitivity and the possibility of developing periodontal diseases. The result is symptoms such as bleeding and intense pain.

Seeking treatment with a dentist is essential!

The good news for people who have lost teeth is that modern dentistry offers efficient solutions, capable of restoring both functionality and aesthetics. Through various types of dental implants, it is possible to avoid all consequences for oral health.
Therefore, it is essential to seek out a specialist dentist for a professional analysis and appropriate treatment. Regardless of the situation, you can take care of your teeth and ensure that you won't have any problems.

It is important to highlight that hygiene habits must be daily, with good brushing, use of mouthwash and dental floss. These are efficient preventive actions to avoid tooth loss. As you have noticed, the consequences of tooth loss are serious and compromise aspects of physical, mental and social health. Therefore, every care is necessary to avoid this condition and seeking treatments is essential.


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