What to Expect at a Dental Visit?

It is finally time for your Dental Appointment, what should you expect? For some, the lead up to a Dentist in Alexandria Virginia Appointment is anxiety inducing. There is no reason to stress, your Dentist is going to take good care of you. When you leave you should have a renewed sense of health in your teeth, advice for your dental hygiene, and maybe even a nice clean smile.

What your Dentist Appointment will entail

A friendly greeting- A good Dentist office will make you feel welcomed as you walk in the door. They will allow you to ask questions and calm your anxiety. If they are really good, they will even make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Checkup- Your dentist should give your mouth a full examination. They will use mirrors and picks and visually inspect each tooth in your mouth, your gums, your tongue, and throat. They will make note of any concerns and follow up with you. They may spot cavities or developing problems and ask you questions for more information.

X Rays- Your Dentist should either review your dental x rays, or they make take some new ones. This is a simple process for the patient. You may have to hold your mouth open, bite down on some plastic, and wear a led apron. These X Rays provide a full picture the Dentist can use to examine your roots, the length and health of your teeth, and anything under the surface. It also allows them to see areas of the tooth they may miss in the visual inspection.

Cleaning- This is everyone’s favorite part. Cleanings are usually painless, and leave you with that great feeling when you smile. Your Dentist or Dental Hygienist will use specialized instruments to clean your teeth under the gumline. They can use a tool which scales and scrapes of scum and tartar off your teeth, which protects your from cavities and bacteria. They can polish your teeth, making them as smooth as a freshly waxed car. They may also floss your teeth, and this is nice to see what the professional routine looks like. They use the floss to follow the curve of your teeth, not just shove it in between.

Advice- Your Dental team will provide you with advice on the health of your teeth. They can tell what you have and have not been doing to care for your teeth. They will probably advise you on how to floss, cause it is so important. They will give you advice on how to brush, how often, and any new products to try. They can give you notice on any cavities they have found, or signs of infection, and tell you when you should see them next.

A great feeling- You might even get a lollipop! Your Dentist appointment should make you feel like managing your dental health is a real possibility. Your team, new or old, will help to assure you that you can do this.

Take time to make your next Dental appointment today.

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