What are teeth whitening products?

When look in the mirror and you have noticed that your teeth are not as bright as they used to be, you may be thinking about all the whitening products you have heard of or seen in advertisements. In fact, you are in good company when it comes to concerns about the aesthetics of your teeth; brightening darkened teeth is the number one concern of the appearance of people’s teeth. You can start the questioning with the dentist at your next appointment to better understand the type of staining you have and the best way to address it.

Over time drinking tea or coffee, eating dark colored foods and eating or drinking acidic foods like tomatoes can lead to surface staining on the enamel of your tooth. In order to address surface stains, the dentist will use a bleaching agent in the office or suggest an at home bleaching kit. Teeth whitening products that are provided by the dentist during an appointment are highly concentrated and effective at addressing surface or extrinsic stains. The dentist may rely on a laser or a special type of light and the dentist can combine the light with a bleaching agent. The dentist will have special training on this technique and the dentist will be able to supervise the entire process and ensuring that you get whiter teeth and avoid any harm.

Teeth whitening in alexandria virginia products you can buy directly from the drug store have the same chemicals the dentist uses for treating tooth discoloration, but the concentration of those chemicals is significantly less. Even using a special toothbrush can help from future staining. A whitening sugar free gum can leave your mouth with less damaging bacteria when you choose to enjoy a piece after a meal.

Something like a whitening toothpaste or oral rinse can use a surface abrasive to remove staining materials like red wine or berries. Those mouth rinses and toothpastes may even have hydrogen peroxide, but not all of these products do. Whitening strips have a layer of whitening agent on a piece of plastic that lays on top of the teeth in order to keep the gel in place.

The dentist may even suggest using a custom-made mode to keep the bleaching gel in place against the surface of your teeth. This treatment combines the expertise of the dentist and the ease of whitening your teeth in your own home. The dentist will need to fit your mouth with a tray after taking a mold to make the tray. Then the dentist will be able to help you by applying the whitening gel to the trays and giving you specific instructions on how long to wear the trays.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that whitening products are meant to help remove stains from the surface of the teeth. In the case of artificial teeth like crowns and veneers, whitening products will not produce the same results as they do on natural teeth. Be sure to talk to the dentist about what results you are hoping to have from your whitening product.

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