How Often Visit Dentist

Making a alexandria dentist appointment takes time. You have to schedule it, go to it, you might even have to wait! When the time comes you might wonder is it worth it? How often do I really need to go to the Dentist?

Your Dentist is the expert in your life regarding your dental health. Your Dentist probably knows more about your hygiene habits and tooth health than you do. They can tell if you’ve been flossing or brushing. They can tell if you have been caring for yourself, eating right, and avoiding alcohol and tobacco. Your Dentist does a lot for you, and you should absolutely see them regularly.

The common recommendation is twice a year, but no one is quite sure how that became the normal. Some speculate it dates back to a toothpaste commercial. For the most part, you should go whenever you think you should. If your teeth feel stained, or like there is a film you cant remove with brushing, you should go. If you go to your Dentist at all, they will probably tell you when they want to see you next. Twice a year is recommended at the least, if you go twice you are in a good routine, but there are other signs that you should see them sooner.

When you should see a Dentist more often

  • Pregnancy- Pregnancy challenges your body and immune system. You are supporting another life with you body, and it is very common to feel a little ill throughout the process. You should see a Dentist frequently to check on the health of your teeth during this time.
  • Smokers- Smoking tobacco or other products can lead to higher levels of harmful bacteria in your mouth and throat, and makes you more prone to infection. If you are a frequent smoker, it is beneficial to have more frequent check ins. If you are a regular tobacco user, you will want to have regular checkups for cancer screenings as well.
  • Diabetes- If you live with Diabetes the fluctuations in blood sugar can lead to problems with your teeth. Bone density can also be a concern, as well as complications from immune compromised individuals. See your dentist frequently, consult with a dental hygienist, and keep up with a nutritionist.
  • History of Gum Disease- If you have a history of gum infections or disease, or advanced dental issue like decay, you are incentivized to see a dentist more regularly. You should also call for an appointment if you suspect something is developing, or a tooth appears more loose or painful.
  • Cavities- Cavities are painful and without treatment they can develop into very serious problems. If you know you have cavities that need further monitoring or treatment, make sure you are diligent with your follow appointments. Keeping good care can prevent further decay and root canals, which no one likes.

You should go to a Dentist when you need to. You are the chief authority on your own Dental Health. If your gums are inflamed, if you need a cleaning, if you are not confident in your hygiene routine, if you’re in pain–it is definitely time to make an appointment.

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