Dental Implant vs. Dental Bridge

If you’re missing a tooth, either because it fell out, was knocked out, or had to be extracted, it’s important to replace it. If it’s in a visible area of your mouth, this may be obvious, but there are excellent clinical and medical reasons to replace a missing tooth no matter where it is in the mouth. Two of the more popular options for people who want to replace a missing tooth are dental implants alexandria va and dental bridges. Your dentist can closely review these options with you at an appointment or implant consultation, and you can inform yourself as much as possible beforehand so you know what questions to ask and what to expect.

A dental bridge is a dental restoration that can be a recommended option if you’re missing a tooth that’s between two healthy teeth. The dental bridge is an appliance that consists of an artificial tooth that is held between two dental crowns; all of these teeth can be custom-made from ceramic material to match the other natural teeth in their shape, color, and luminosity. The dental crowns on either side of the prosthetic tooth are cemented over the healthy teeth on each side of the gap where the tooth is missing. To place a dental bridge, the dentist must first file down the healthy teeth that will support the crowns that hold the bridge in place, which means damaging dental tissue, and dental bridges aren’t as inconspicuous as dental implants, which makes them a better option for the rear teeth than the anterior teeth.

A dental implant is a prosthetic tooth that is attached to a tiny metal screw-like fixture that is surgically implanted into the jawbone. Dental implants help maintain the facial structure by stimulating the growth and maintenance of healthy bone tissue; when the natural teeth are missing, the bone that once supported them begins to atrophy from lack of use, deteriorating over time. Once implants are placed, the bone is rejuvenated, and the healthy bone and dental implant support each other in a permanent bond. Dental implants also very closely resemble natural, healthy teeth, in both their appearance and their utility. For people who are replacing teeth in the front of their mouth, where the teeth are more visible, dental implants are the gold standard of treatment.

While dental implants are aesthetically and clinically preferable to most other dental restoration treatments, including dental bridges, they are also more expensive. Dental implant treatment also takes more time than a dental bridge; patients can get dental bridges placed within a few weeks, while dental implants can take three months or longer, depending on the circumstances of tooth loss and the overall health of the patient. While both dental implants and dental bridges can be effective solutions for a missing natural tooth, factoring in cost, time, your clinical needs, and the location of the missing tooth can help you make an informed decision, and your dentist will work with you to address the factors that are important to you.

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